The terms of service are pretty short right now. This is just a first draft. Service is provided on an as-is and unguaranteed basis. It's intended that this Mastodon node will stay up and running long into the future, but there's no guarantee about that. Dave will do his best to provide advance notice if he intends to close the service, but can't make any guarantees to anyone. Please don't use this website for any illegal activities of any kind. All activities on this site and all content posted or otherwise made available to thet world should be compliant with German law (the server is based in Germany). No hacking, no defamatory speech (that means vocal or written), no hate speech, no racist speech or content, no speech or content that is offensive in terms of sexuality, religious beliefs. No pornography. No content that could reasonably be said to endanger children or people with psychological handicaps of whatever kind. About privacy: there is no advertising or commercially-related tracking on this site, but the site's Web server software records logs that can contain your IP address and a certain amount of information about pages visited and how the site is used. Your continued use of this site is deemed to mean that you accept that. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Dave via Mastodon's communication possibilities or via email to and he will do his best to help or inform you as quickly as possible. As mentioned above, this is just a first draft of the site's privacy policy and terms of service. It is likely to be updated, and you should check back when that happens. Dave is the owner of this site and is entitled to terminate the account of any person whose usage is considered to be in any way abusive or unacceptable. Apart from all the above, Dave is a really cool and tolerant guy, and welcomes you to this Mastodon node.
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